Fabulously Fertile

Have you been trying for a while but still not got pregnant or have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility? 

Worried you’ve left it too late to start a family? 

Perhaps you’ve suffered loss and are scared of trying again?   

I can answer yes to all 3 questions and more, I became a mum for the first time at 29, and then after years of highs and lows at 47 and 49. This program is designed to help you increase the likelihood of conceiving either naturally or with help. It’s designed to take the pressure out of getting pregnant and make it a wonderful time for you so that you feel fabulous on your fertility journey!!

You’ll stop being a fertility worrier and be a fertility warrior instead. And the best of it is, the techniques I show you are ones that can help with parenting too!!

This program is suitable if you are just starting on your fertility journey or perhaps you’ve been on it for longer than you’d like, maybe you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, or are using ART such as donor eggs. 

On my fertility rollercoaster I experienced emotions and feelings that I didn’t know I had! It can be mega stressful and even lonely at times and it doesn’t help when someone tells you with the best intentions to ‘just relax and it’ll happen.’ While it’s true that hypnotherapy does help you to relax this program covers so much more so that you feel absolutely fabulous about yourself, your fertility journey and being a parent because getting pregnant is just the beginning!!

Fertility coaching and hypnotherapy can help you be fabulously fertile in so many different ways from getting over a fear of needles, to coping with morning sickness, taking the stress and anxiety away and getting rid of any unconscious blockers that you might have, such as fear of not being a good mother or a fear of suffering further losses.  It can also help you lead a healthier lifestyle such as stopping smoking or losing weight to prepare your body for the journey ahead. 

The unconscious mind is responsible for around 95% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours so it makes sense to use it to your advantage as your own inner cheerleader not just for fertility but for life.  

How I Can Help You

Whether you are a younger or older mum-to-be, already have children or starting your family, trying for a baby naturally or with the help of (ART), I can help you to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of getting pregnant using a mind-body approach to ensure that your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are all positively aligned for you to get that BFP!!

Contact me for a free 15 minute no-obligation, confidential chat to find out how I can help you with your fertility journey

I have been where you are now, and although I am lucky to have 3 amazing children I earned my stripes!! I have had more than one miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy that left me with one fallopian tube and failed IVF. I’ve had private treatment in the UK and abroad

Let me help you make the most of your fertility journey so that you actually enjoy it!!

Book my Fabulously Fertile program and relax knowing that you are taking control of your fertility and not the other way round!!

How do you become Fabulously Fertile?

This is designed as a 6 session program with your preference of 1 week or 2 weeks in between each session so that you have time to practice the techniques that I give you during each session. You will receive coaching and hypnotherapy so that your conscious mind is working in perfect harmony with your unconscious mind and your body to help you become Fabulously Fertile.

Each session is £75 which is the same cost as my standard sessions and you only pay for one session at a time because while it is designed as a 6 session program you may not need the full 6 sessions depending on your situation.

Each session is tailored to your unique set of circumstances so this is not a group program, although I will be launching a group course later this year.

My fertility coaching is not designed as an Alternative Therapy.  These fertility coaching and hypnotherapy sessions encourage you to actively participate in your fertility journey, by investing in yourself instead of simply hoping for the best each month or each ART cycle without getting overwhelmed by all the (sometimes unhelpful and contradictory) information out there. 

Coaching and Hypnotherapy can help if you want to stop smoking or reduce weight to help increase your fertility.  It can also get rid of any unconscious blocks that have led to you self-sabotaging or doubting yourself.   Hypnotherapy can also help combat the less pleasant parts often associated with ART.  For instance, a fear of needles can be reduced or even eliminated to help with your daily injections if this is part of your treatment protocol. 

Don’t underestimate the difference a positive mind-set combined with healthier lifestyle choices can make to your fertility. Book your FREE initial consultation today with me,  Glasgow’s top fertility coach!!

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